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  • Winter Fun In Flagstaff

    Posted January 18, 2018
    We know how snow goes in Flagstaff. It often melts as fast as it comes, leaving us with fleeting moments of celebration. But the most recent snow storm dropped more than a foot of fresh …
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  • Celebrating Winter At Pine Canyon

    Posted January 8, 2018
    Snow has magical qualities wherever it falls, but it seems to have a mystical allure in a desert state like Arizona. It’s so rare, and sometimes fleeting, even at higher elevations. We’ve already had a …
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  • Giving Vets The Green Light On Veterans Day

    Posted November 9, 2017
    To celebrate Veterans Day and honor current and former military members and their families, Pine Canyon is participating in the “Greenlight a Vet” program throughout November by using green lights to illuminate the community’s eagle …
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  • Considering Building A Custom Home — Why Not Consider A Spec?

    Posted November 7, 2017
    There are so many ways to find a new home. Some people build from the ground up, while others choose a model. Some prefer pre-owned, while others would rather walk into a spec home and …
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  • On the Road with Fido: Tips and Tricks

    Posted October 30, 2017
    Now that you’ve purchased a second home in beautiful Pine Canyon, you will likely be doing a lot of traveling between Flagstaff and Phoenix – Fido included. It’s an exciting new journey filled with unknowns, …
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  • Meet The New Mountain Vista

    Posted October 9, 2017
    No doubt, the mountains have a call. But, sometimes that call is muffled by a need for beach time, or backpacking time, or, let’s be honest, work time. That mix of demands and desires can …
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  • Finding fall in Flagstaff

    Posted September 27, 2017
    Flagstaff shows off a little in the fall, when those living in the Valley are still counting the days until they can shut off their air conditioning. Fall actually exists in Flagstaff, and to prove …
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  • How The Woods Wins Over WiFi And Kids Unplug

    Posted September 19, 2017
    There’s something about the woods. They’re wild, and open and seemingly undiscovered. They’re waiting to be explored, ready for fresh footprints, hiding supplies for secret forts and home to crawling creatures that fascinate little minds.And …
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  • Some Of The Best Brew Pubs In Flagstaff

    Posted September 7, 2017
    Although a college town, Flagstaff has more to its bar scene than raucous college bars. In fact, Flagstaff is known for its several craft breweries all within walking distance of each other.A hop, skip and …
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  • Join Us Labor Day Weekend – Open House

    Posted August 14, 2017
    FOUR LUXURIOUS HOMES What better way to celebrate the end of Summer than to tour elegant custom homes in the cool pines of Flagstaff. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our open house. On Friday, …
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