Pine Canyon Experiences Increase In Construction And Sales Activities

The weather is changing. Flowers are beginning to bloom. And, sales are closing at Pine Canyon – at a steady clip.

The first part of 2017 has been a busy one for our community. As the calendar races toward the summer season, our sales team has seen a flurry of activity, some of which it hasn’t seen since before the recession.

Through the end of April, our sales team has closed 12 transactions totaling about $5.5 million. And, our team has an additional $5.7 million in escrow for ten contracts.

One of the more notable transactions is a homesite that sold for $800,000.

Perhaps one of the biggest, most positive indicators of a strengthening economy is the fact that for the first time since the recession, we have six custom spec homes available at Pine Canyon. We recently sold three Elk Pass townhomes on spec and one is reserved, leaving us with two available and under construction.

In Walnut Canyon, where prices start at about $234,800, demand has prompted us to release a new phase of seven lots.

So, it’s easy to see that beyond the beautiful spring weather and the coming summer season, sales and interest have shown it’s an exciting time to be at Pine Canyon


Posted May 17, 2017

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