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19 Holes of Heaven

Hole 1

Pine Shadows

Cut the corner left if you dare, but be careful, too far and you’re out of bounds.

Hole 2

Byrd’s Sanctuary

You’ll want to stay left of the snag tree off the tee, but keep an eye on the pin. Positioning around the green is key.

Hole 3


Short is better than long on this downhill par 3. If you must overshoot the green, err to the right.

Hole 4

Split Decision

The groves of trees short of the green will end up dictating your options on this reachable par 5.

Hole 5

Pine Meadow

Be sure your ball comes to rest on the same tier as the pin. Otherwise, you may have an interesting putt or two, or three.

Hole 6

Elk Run

The landing on the right of this fairway is more generous than it appears. Stay right and you can’t go wrong.

Hole 7

Pine Canyon

Favor the right side of the fairway for your best birdie opportunity. A reachable par 5, but accuracy is critical.

Hole 8


An outcropping of trees hides the large landing area on the right side of this fairway. A slicer’s dream.

Hole 9

Whispering Wind

Stay within the tree line and you’ll make this par 4, unless bad luck puts you behind the split trees in the middle.

Hole 10


Favor the left off the tee, as the fairway slopes right. If you’re going to miss this green, go long, or you might get wet.

Hole 11

Eagle’s Nest

Pick the right club and put a smooth swing on it. Going long or left will land you in the drink.

Hole 12

High Five

Cut the right corner at your peril: bunkers lie in wait. Unless you drive the ball like Daly, this is a 3-shot hole.

Hole 13

Mountain View

You may be able to carry the bunkers along the right side, but it’s risky business on this downhill par 4.

Hole 14

Lone Tree

A nice and roomy fairway. Now all you have to do is avoid the fairway bunker and the lone tree short of the green.

Hole 15

Timeless Timbers

This hole requires cool precision all the way through. Target the pin and sharpen you short game skills.

Hole 16

Dawson’s Creek

Staying left of the tree guarding the water hazard is ideal. Perform a reality check before you decide to go for it in two.

Hole 17

Sweet Serenity

Favor the right side of this beautiful par 3. Long and left can spell disaster. Trust your club selection and swing.

Hole 18

The Peaks

Swing away at this breathtaking downhill finishing hole. Beware: the landing is forgiving, but left of the tree line is not.

Hole 19

Double or Nothing

Here’s your chance to settle all bets. This island green is short but deadly. No divots off the bridge, please.