2019 Golf Season


2019 Golf Season

2019 Golf Season

2019 Golf Season 1024 684 Pine Canyon

The snow is gone. The afternoons are warmer. And Easter is right around the corner. All signs point to the beginning of a new golf season at Pine Canyon.

This season brings with it a few new and exciting additions and updates to our course. As you work your way through Pine Canyon’s 19 holes (yep, don’t forget about our unforgettable island green), you’ll notice that some of the changes we’ve made further illustrate our commitment to offering our members a remarkable round of golf, regardless of what the scorecard says.

If you hit the driving range before your tee time, you’ll see that we’re in the process of upgrading our range balls. While it won’t fix your swing, a newer ball may add some distance to your shot – and, couldn’t we all use a few more yards on our drive?

As you work with Jason Sanders, Pine Canyon’s PGA Director of Golf, and his team members to prepare for your round, you’ll notice that our fleet of golf carts has received a makeover. In order to provide an even better experience out on the course, we’ve upgraded our entire fleet. We hope you enjoy the new ride.

When you’re ready to tee up, you may catch a glimpse of new tee boxes installed at every hole. They pay homage to Flagstaff’s history as a rail town, and they also reflect the names of the mountains that ripple across the skyline throughout the course.  See if you can connect the dots.

If you come across an elk or a goose relaxing on the course, know that Pine Canyon’s newest employee, Ben, the border collie, probably isn’t far behind. Ben has been specifically trained to help the agronomy team safely manage Pine Canyon’s wildlife scene to ensure that the course isn’t damaged by animals that become a little too comfortable in spots they probably shouldn’t be. It’s his job, he takes it seriously, and he’s kind about it.

And, just as hunger pains start to set in at the turn, try to hold it at bay until later this summer. We realize you’ll need to snack before then, but in the meantime, we will finish our renovation of the Santa Fe railcar that will become Morrish Station, a new café after the 9th hole. We hope to celebrate its opening later in the summer.

But, not everything is new. We will still host our popular golf events throughout the summer, including our sip and swing events, our family scramble, our ladies’ mixer, and our member-guest events. And, we already have The Rifleman, The Duke, Calamity Jane and the Club Championship on the calendar.

So scrub up the clubs. Get in a few practice swings. And, circle April 26 on the calendar, which is the day we expect to open the season. We can’t wait to see you at the club.