Pine Canyon

Flagstaff, Arizona Luxury Homes Community
Pine Canyon- A Year Round Living Community 1024 684 Pine Canyon

Pine Canyon- A Year Round Living Community

It is not yet officially winter, but there is definitely a chill in the air. It’s winter enough, apparently, since…

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Winterizing Your Home 1024 678 Pine Canyon

Winterizing Your Home

Winter changes things at Pine Canyon. Colder temperatures and layers of snow usher in a quieter few months for our…

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Fall & Winter Season Hours 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Fall & Winter Season Hours

The aspens and maples are shedding flurries of gold and crimson leaves, and our first snow of the season has…

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8th Annual Driving Out Domestic Violence 1024 586 Pine Canyon

8th Annual Driving Out Domestic Violence

Over their lifetime, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience domestic violence in the U.S. In…

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Fall Menu Rollout 1024 576 Pine Canyon

Fall Menu Rollout

It’s October and we’ve already seen our first snowfall. But, that works out well for the debut of the seasonal…

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Finding Fall in Flagstaff 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Finding Fall in Flagstaff

Change is in the air Cacti and desert are pretty and all, but they aren’t great for leaves. That’s where…

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Fall Festival 1024 684 Pine Canyon

Fall Festival

Fall is officially here and that means an abundance of pumpkins and hay and mugs filled with warm cider or…

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Fall Home Tour- Join Us This Weekend! 1024 702 Pine Canyon

Fall Home Tour- Join Us This Weekend!

Final preparations are being made for Pine Canyon’s fall home tour, which will feature a total of eight luxury listings…

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Flagstaff’s Patio Scene 1024 768 Pine Canyon

Flagstaff’s Patio Scene

A seasonal climate is one of Flagstaff’s most endearing qualities. Especially right now. Fall is that sweet spot, when days…

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Third Quarter at Pine Canyon 1024 710 Pine Canyon

Third Quarter at Pine Canyon

Pumpkins have made it to stores, not far from bags of tempting Halloween candy. It’s almost fall. And that means…

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