Camp Pine Canyon

POSTED ON MAY 31, 2019

Camp Pine Canyon

Camp Pine Canyon

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Time does something funny during the summer. It works differently somehow, especially if you’re a kid.

There are no school bells or bus schedules, and if you’re lucky, bedtime comes a little later. Time just flows, inspired by play and eventually regulated by hunger.

At Pine Canyon, summer means the return of Camp Pine Canyon, an inclusive experience for our community’s youngest residents that allows them to try new activities, explore destinations and receive training on their favorite sports.

Camp Pine Canyon goes beyond our community’s resort-style pool, its refreshing water slide and its indoor recreation facility. It offers kids a chance to grow in new ways by trying new sports, like tennis or golf, or developing a stage presence through the acting workshops and exercises they’ll experience at theater camp.

Camp Pine Canyon also finds ways to hit the road, with a handful of field trips sprinkled throughout the summer. Adventurers will love the chance to get their feet wet at Wet Beaver Creek and Oak Creek Canyon, while climbers will jump at the opportunity to scale the walls at Flagstaff Climbing Gym. And, animal lovers will get up close and personal with the bears, wolves, and birds at Bearizona, and the tigers, giraffes, and lions at Out of Africa.

But, not all activities are reserved for daylight. Night Camp, offered a few times throughout the summer, allows kids to bowl and play laser tag while their parents do whatever they want to do, even if it means enjoying a quiet house.

Everyone always says that having fun makes time fly. And while we don’t want to rush summer at Pine Canyon, we do love the idea of time being so free of its usual constraints that it finds a way to fly.

To learn more about Camp Pine Canyon, flip through our online brochure here.