Cooking with the Chef-March 11


Cooking with the Chef-March 11

Cooking with the Chef-March 11

Cooking with the Chef-March 11 1024 576 Pine Canyon

David Lapinski, Pine Canyon’s executive chef, is always working his magic in the kitchen. But, this month, he’s going to pull back the curtain and share some of his secrets on what some may view as one of the trickier culinary errands.

He’s going to show an intimate group of guests how to fabricate a whole Scottish salmon. If you’re not super familiar with the encyclopedia of culinary terms, that may sound funny. He’s not going to construct or build a salmon. He’s going to demonstrate how to skin, debone and fillet it. The culinary world uses the same term for the exercise of portioning out poultry, too.

This hands-on experience allows guests to learn from Chef David, a well-traveled professional whose background includes classical French cuisine, southern fare and coastal standards with a creative twist. Certified by the American Culinary Federation, Chef David has been lauded for his creativity and culinary prowess by both his peers and his patrons.

Fortunately, this cooking class comes with two rewards. Beyond its educational aspect, those who participate will have the opportunity to indulge in a specialty menu that includes almond-crusted salmon with orange butter and leek-white wine sauce, a lemon ricotta-roasted pear tart and strawberry cheesecake ice cream with ginger snap granola.

The class, which will be held at 3 p.m. on March 11, is limited to eight people, and participants require a reservation. The dinner and drink pairing is priced at $35 per person, while the dinner alone is priced at $18.

Those who are interested in attending may RSVP at 928-779-5800 or at [email protected]