Experience Our Club Cabins


Experience Our Club Cabins

Experience Our Club Cabins

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There is nothing quite like a test drive. You can feel how things handle, push all the buttons and really see what something is capable of. There’s no doubt, the ability to be immersed in experience is so much more valuable than simply seeing it, or hearing about it.

That same theory, that can be applied to a luxury sports car, can also be applied to a lifestyle. And that’s where our Club Cabins come in.

They offer visitors a trial run. And, according to experts, the practice of showcasing a lifestyle by providing a temporary, immersive experience is becoming more common among luxury communities.

When you think about it, it just makes sense. There is no better way to absorb the Pine Canyon experience than to live it, if even for a few days. Pine Canyon Discovery Visits allow guests to explore and experience everything that our community has to offer, and our on-site hospitality team that serves the Club Cabins leaves no detail to chance.

Guests can wake, enjoy a cup of hot coffee in front of the cabin’s roaring fireplace, and watch as elk gather near the golf course for their morning social. They can head over to the clubhouse, plan a hike or bike ride, or book an afternoon spa service. And, weather permitting, they could also find time for 18 holes on our championship golf course.

But, a Discovery Visit is about living at Pine Canyon. And that requires a home. From our townhomes to our custom lots to our condominiums and our options with Symmetry Homes, guests who stay at our Club Cabins can get a good taste of what life looks like from inside their own Pine Canyon home. Couple that with the Pine Canyon lifestyle, which is weighted heavily with the finer points of hospitality, and guests leave with a more tangible feeling of what inspired living means. And that concept is most easily conveyed in person.

To book a Discovery Visit, reach out to our Pine Canyon team at 928-779-5700.


*Pricing will vary depending on a customized visit. Subject to availability. Accommodations and activities are limited and subject to seasonal weather and availability.