Fall Menu Rollout


Fall Menu Rollout

Fall Menu Rollout

Fall Menu Rollout 1024 576 Pine Canyon

It’s October and we’ve already seen our first snowfall. But, that works out well for the debut of the seasonal menu being offered at our clubhouse. The menu is full of hearty retreats guaranteed to add warmth to any afternoon or evening.

After all, what is fall without a savory pot roast? We think incomplete.

Our new menu includes the comfort of a brisket pot roast, served with a pan reduction-wine sauce, root vegetables, and fried parsnip. Bigger appetites may find the 11 oz. cast iron beef ribeye a good fit, accompanied by blue cheese mashed Yukon potatoes.

As part of our PC Fit offerings, the menu includes a selection of fish, shrimp, or chicken tacos, a teriyaki bowl with either chicken or salmon, and a butternut ravioli dish complemented by roasted Brussel sprouts, oyster mushrooms, Cipollini onions, and pureed Kabocha squash.

Other crave-worthy options include a half rack of lamb accompanied by smashed truffle-parmesan fingerlings, a center cut tenderloin with a bleu cheese crust, and a salad tossed with dinosaur kale and Brussels sprouts.

The menu is offered for the next few months, however, as seasons shift and dining hours change, be sure to check availability ahead of time. Feel free to call ahead at 928-779-5800.