Finding Fall in Flagstaff


Finding Fall in Flagstaff

Finding Fall in Flagstaff

Finding Fall in Flagstaff 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Change is in the air

Cacti and desert are pretty and all, but they aren’t great for leaves. That’s where Flagstaff comes in. Flagstaff is home to gorgeous Aspen trees that happen to showcase that fall is near and, aside from popular belief, that it actually exists in Arizona. Flagstaff’s Aspen trees are known for the beautiful colors of gold, red, and orange leaves that change during this time of year. These trees can be found up against Flagstaff’s evergreen fir and spruce trees that hug the borders of Coconino National Forest. The colors that nature displays during the change of season are something worth your while to see, and we’re lucky at Pine Canyon to be so close to the beauty.

From taking the first few steps off your front porch to taking lengthy hikes, you can see the warm and vibrant colors that the Aspen trees of Flagstaff express almost anywhere you go. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Here are some of our favorite places to visit, while enjoying the crisp fall air and change of scenery right here at Pine Canyon in Flagstaff.

Snowbowl. To capture the blanket of fall colors that cover Flagstaff, visit Arizona Snowbowl where you can take the chairlift up the western side of San Francisco Peaks. This attraction is both exciting and relaxing and is open Fridays through Sundays from 10 a.m.-4p.m. through mid-October. Enjoy this beautiful experience, and don’t forget your camera!

Trails. If you are in the mood to get up close and personal with nature, try out some of Flagstaff’s most notable trails. Wilson Meadows is a two-mile trail that is perfect for those with children or those who are looking for a less intense hike. If you are looking to spend a good part of your day on a hike, you might try hiking Kachina Trail. This trail is 10.4 miles in distance and is noted for its spectacular views of Flagstaff’s Aspen trees. Another popular trail is Bismarck Lane. It has two options to explore: a two-mile trail and a seven-mile trail. This trail is recognized for its beautiful views of the San Francisco Peaks of Flagstaff.

Lockett Meadow. If you love to camp, try visiting Flagstaff’s, Lockett Meadow. It’s recognized for its outstanding view of the San Francisco Peaks. If you are one who prefers to sleep indoors, Lockett Meadow is also great for picnics. You have the opportunity to experience wildlife first hand. Animals such as elk, porcupine, and black bear have been seen up close by those visiting the site.

Arboretum at Flagstaff. The Arboretum at Flagstaff is the perfect site to see if you are one who enjoys learning as well as observing. The arboretum is home to many of Flagstaff’s native plants and animals and it allows guests the chance to observe and learn. This attraction is open until the end of October, so visit soon!