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Flagstaff Coffee Houses

Flagstaff Coffee Houses

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January is the coldest month of the year. And anyone who lives at Pine Canyon in Flagstaff can attest to that.

It’s when fireplaces are used most often, snuggly hats are almost mandatory accessories and the thought of something warm in our hands occupies our daydreams. In other words, it’s when coffee is in high demand. Living in Flagstaff, there is no shortage of coffee houses. There’s even no shortage of great coffee houses. Everyone has their favorite, and while there are a couple big-name outlets up here, we know there are local spots that have their own set of java groupies.


Here are some of our favorite places to warm up this time of year.

Macy’s European Coffeehouse and Bakery. Macy’s is a mainstay in Flagstaff, roasting, brewing and serving coffee for more than 30 years. Its logo, which shows a person lounging in a bath of coffee, even depicts how soothing the coffee is.  They claim to put love in every cup, and we can feel it. An added bonus? Macy’s is all-vegetarian and includes a full-service bakery.

Cedar House Coffee Shop. If you’re looking for scratch treats and a great cup of coffee, Cedar House is a good choice. The quaint shop hosts story time regularly for its younger clients and caters with aesthetically-mesmerizing goodies. And, the shop supports local makers by featuring artwork and crafts made by local artists and crafters.

White Dove Coffee Shop. This is a spot where you can find original drinks like “East Flag Mocha” and “Oak Creek Mocha,” and room for live music. Beyond making Instagram-worthy coffee, White Dove also features a breakfast and lunch menu, and a highly-recommended apple cider.

Firecreek Coffee Company. Firecreek doesn’t just serve coffee. It roasts it, too. And Firecreek wants to share its coffee skills, so it hosts classes on different topics for its wholesale and retail patrons, allowing everyone to learn the best way to steam milk or gain a better understanding of espresso. Its flagship location offers breakfast, supports live music and pours beer and wine in the evenings.

Late for the Train. Another longtime favorite, Late for the Train has three locations in Flagstaff, and that makes our cold hands happy. The shop is dedicated to curating its own “mountain fresh” brews, and it is committed to eco-friendly practices, which everyone appreciates. It’s where patrons will find the “Coconino Mocha,” “Dave’s Rockrammer” and the “Locomotive,” giving a nod to Flagstaff’s roots.

While these are some of our favorite spots, they only scratch the surface of the diverse coffee scene in and around Flagstaff. There are so many options, your hands could stay warm all winter.