Golf Season Preview


Golf Season Preview

Golf Season Preview

Golf Season Preview 1024 569 Pine Canyon

Slowly but surely, it’s starting to feel like golf weather. With temperatures inching towards the 70s, consistently, it’s clear golf season is right around the corner at Pine Canyon. And, what a season it will be. From the course to the practice facility, we have made a number of improvements that we feel will measurably enhance the overall experience.

By now, you may have heard of Pine Canyon’s caboose. It’s true. We’ve acquired a Santa Fe Railroad car and we are retrofitting it so that it may serve as a coffee bistro at the turn above the green on the 9th hole. Our food and beverage team will be creating a signature menu for the café, which will be available for golfers and for those who just want to enjoy the view.

The course, in its winter slumber, has been primed for in-season play. Every hole has undergone complete aerification, throughout both the rough and the fairways. Bunkers have been edged, and the sand in them has been redistributed, to make those pesky obstacles more consistent. And, sprinkler heads have been leveled near greens and on approach throughout the course.

We’ve also incorporated two new elements that will impact the pace of play. This spring will mark the debut of CaddieMaster, an esteemed caddie program used by many of the country’s top clubs, including Augusta National. Full-time caddies will be on property at Pine Canyon from May to October, and any unaccompanied guests of members will be required to have a caddie in their group. Pine Canyon will also debut golf boards this season. The motorized, single-user boards hold a player’s bag up front and rely on body weight for steering, much like a surfboard or skateboard would. They’ve grown in popularity lately, they trim time off a round as players can more easily navigate the course and we’re excited to bring them to Pine Canyon.

Our practice facility has also seen upgrades in the off-season, and we’ve added more lighting to the 19th hole, to showcase its uniqueness and create a vibrant ambiance at nightfall. The season is only days away, and we’ve made these improvements as part of our commitment to providing a premium, inspired experience.

We can’t wait to see you on the course!