Hiking & Biking



Pine Canyon offers some of the best hiking trails in the area – both adjacent to the community and in the greater Flagstaff area. Go ahead. Chase the horizon and experience outdoor living at its peak. A short two-mile hike from Pine Canyon will lead you to the spectacular Walnut Canyon, where the Sinagua Indians built their dwellings on the cliff faces, sheltered in caves more than 800 years ago. In 1915, it was declared a national monument. See this majestic canyon for yourself on trails along the canyon rim and into the depths.

The Flagstaff Urban Trail System connects residential areas to commercial and cultural centers, schools and recreational areas within and beyond the city limits. Eventually, Flagstaff’s trails will become part of The Arizona Trail, a 790-mile trail system for hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers that traverses the state from Mexico to Utah.

Discovery Visits

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