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If you’ve been to Pine Canyon, or if you live here, somewhere along the way you’ve been exposed to the phrase “inspired living.” It’s become a mantra of sorts for us. And the commitment we have made to live up to it, and ensure that every resident has opportunities to experience it, guides us daily, across every discipline throughout our community.

From the classes we offer to the amenities we introduce, we approach everything with the goal of creating an inspired living experience. And, we hope that energy reverberates with our members in ways that trigger a curiosity to try new things in search of a continued inspired experience on their own.

One of those activities may include meditation. Celebrities, innovators and business leaders have long (and lately) trumpeted their unwavering dedication to the practice, which is employed to achieve mental clarity and improved focus. People swear by it. And, we’re pretty sure Pine Canyon, with its altitude and its serene connection to the Coconino National Forest, offers ample opportunity for residents to slip into a peaceful, meditative state.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a growing body of research suggests that meditation has a host of health benefits, including reduced anxiety and stress. While meditating, you are encouraged to be present with yourself and your surroundings, and as a side benefit, the practice is said to improve concentration, increase overall happiness, slow aging, quiet the mind and boost self-esteem.

Meditation is also said to be beneficial for people who may be coping with difficult situations, and the practice is actually considered therapeutic for the brain.

Who could argue with that?  Luckily, a mild winter makes it easier this year to venture out and find a peaceful alcove to meditate in our spectacular natural setting, whether it’s on a hill, a trail or your back deck.

And, maybe meditation isn’t for you. But, we’re sure inspired living is. It’s for everyone. So we will continue to find those opportunities for you at Pine Canyon, and hope you continue to find them for yourself.