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Life in Symmetry

Life in Symmetry

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The concept of symmetry suggests balance. It conjures visuals of equal parts, mirror images on either side of an imaginary line.

It’s something we all learn about as kids in geometry. And it’s something we, at Pine Canyon, believe we should embrace in adulthood. A well-balanced life, one that is given the opportunity to find refuge in a community like Pine Canyon, includes active exploration.

Exploring can take many forms, from physical to spiritual to mental. That need to explore new horizons, and find balance in different ways, is the foundation for the Symmetry in Motion program.

Running throughout the summer, Symmetry in Motion events aim to inspire, challenge and awe our residents in a number of different ways that may require sneakers, a microphone or a taste for red wine.

Our speaker series kicks off June 22nd and includes a different guest speaker monthly through September. The series is designed to motivate audiences to make a change, learn a new skill or engage with others on something new.

Tuesdays are reserved for trails. Every Tuesday, we will lace up hiking boots or check the air pressure on our mountain bikes to explore the tremendous trails that surround us at Pine Canyon and wind throughout Flagstaff. Excursions will alternate between hiking and biking, beginning this month and running through September.

One of the more rewarding indulgences after a day on the trails is a day spent on the water. That’s why Symmetry in Motion will host paddleboard and kayak excursions every other Wednesday at Lake Mary. The best part? Pine Canyon provides all the equipment, so there is no need to worry about hauling anything to the lake, except your sense of adventure.

While we did (thankfully) outgrow geometry assignments, field trips are still pretty fun, even as adults. Knowing that Symmetry in Motion will host a pair of outings this season that will take residents to Napa Valley for a wine tour and to Scotland for a week-long tour of classic golf courses, distilleries, and castles.

Adventure, growth and new experiences are out there. And, we’re trying to make it easier for everyone to dive in. To learn more about upcoming Symmetry in Motion events, click here.