Luxury Design Trends

POSTED ON MAY 17, 2018

Luxury Design Trends

Luxury Design Trends

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Everything has a lifecycle, from diets to fashion. All that is old almost always becomes new again if you wait long enough. That same theory extends to design trends.

As we approach our annual Showcase of Homes, held over Memorial Day weekend, it’s interesting to get a sense of what aesthetic elements are on trend throughout the luxury home market. While luxury mountain homes have their own distinct look and feel, they can certainly incorporate many of the features that homeowners find appealing in any market.


Here are five of the top trends in design:

Wallpaper. The very mention of wallpaper can conjure images of golden, rusty floral patterns or outdated scenes of fruit bowls, but that visual is in the past. The wallpaper of today is used differently and sets a very different scene than its hopefully-retired predecessors. Wallpaper is being used to create an accent wall or maximize a small space, and many designs are incorporating textures such as silk, grass cloth, and select vinyls.

Moody colors. Neutrals are fading to the background as “moody” colors make a return, pushing aside the grays, blacks, and whites that have anchored colors palettes of late, according to experts. Mossy greens, oranges, blues, and reds are making a return, but homeowners are being urged to keep their use in check. Just add touches here and there, instead of going all out, or it could quickly feel like you’re living in a time machine.

Washed woods. Homeowners can thank Chip and Joanna Gaines for the washed woods trend, a look that has been widely adopted for its clean and crisp finish. To complement, a design is leaning toward the incorporation of natural elements such as stone and exposed brick, another popular feature in renovated homes.

Stripped down. Concrete is increasingly finding its place in modern homes, from benches to countertops to exposed walls. The medium is encroaching on territory that used to be monopolized by marble, for its clean look and industrial feel in the same way filament light bulbs are being used to foster an intentional energy in a designated space.

Mixed up. Experts in the field are seeing a desire among homeowners and designers to incorporate mixed media. That plays out with stacked rugs of different materials and textures, and through the use of varying finishes on metal fixtures, from brass to nickel.

There is still time to mark your calendars to attend the Showcase of Homes, on May 26-27 between 1-3 p.m., to see firsthand what design elements are being incorporated into Pine Canyon’s mountain retreats. For more information, call 877-801-7860.