Meet Ben, The Border Collie


Meet Ben, The Border Collie

Meet Ben, The Border Collie

Meet Ben, The Border Collie 683 843 Pine Canyon

When we look for new employees at Pine Canyon, we have a few priorities. The traits we look for in new team members mirror that of what many other organizations prioritize, which includes skill, experience, and an ability to meet the needs of our company and the members who live in our community.

And because we so value our internal efforts to create an inspired refuge for our members at Pine Canyon, we also look for team members who reflect a certain level of dedication to his or her craft. Ben, the newest member of Pine Canyon’s agronomy team, checks all the boxes.

You may have seen him on duty already. Or, maybe you’ve heard him. His bark kind of sets him apart from every other team member at Pine Canyon. Ben is a border collie. And as a dog that specializes in herding, he is in charge of managing the wildlife that feel so comfortable at Pine Canyon, most notably the Canadian geese and the community’s much-photographed herds of elk. Ben’s job is to make sure these animals don’t get too comfortable, to gently remind the wildlife that they can visit, but they can’t lounge all day and they can’t damage the course that his co-workers so diligently work to maintain.

We like to think he specializes in elk and waterfowl management.

Border collies by nature are smart, sweet and loving, and Ben is no different. He gets along with other dogs and his two-legged co-workers, but when it’s time to work, he takes his job seriously.

Ben reports to Andy Huber, Pine Canyon’s director of agronomy, so the two of them are usually together out on the course or cruising it in a golf cart. Feel free to introduce yourself next time you see him.