New Club Cabin Coming Soon!


New Club Cabin Coming Soon!

New Club Cabin Coming Soon!

New Club Cabin Coming Soon! 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Last summer, we debuted our new Club Cabin, giving Pine Canyon residents a new option for luxury accommodations when friends or family visit and providing an immersive experience for prospective residents who are considering purchasing in the community.

This summer, we’re prepared to unveil our second in the series. Each of the four-bedroom cabins sleeps up to 12 people and has the ability to be segmented so that up to three families can use a single cabin at once, with privacy.

The cabins embrace all the luxuries that members at Pine Canyon have come to expect, including spectacular views of the mountain landscape, fully-appointed interiors, and service from a dedicated hospitality team. So, we understand why reservations for our first cabin have been steady in its first year.

If you’ve been on property, you’ve no doubt seen the progress we’ve made on the second cabin, which is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. In fact, our first reservation for the new cabin is scheduled for later this month.

To reserve your own experience in one of our Club Cabins, visit our website or call 928-779-5700.