New Tee Box Markers


New Tee Box Markers

New Tee Box Markers

New Tee Box Markers 640 427 Pine Canyon

It’s not often that tee box markers carry a torch for history. But, golfers at Pine Canyon, if they’re paying attention to details, will experience that novelty for the first time this season.

As golfers tee up their drives this season, they’ll be hitting from new markers that pay homage to the stunning mountain landscape around them, the history that brought the region together and the man who designed the course they’re navigating.

The new tee box markers at the private club buck conventional tradition, steering clear of customary color-coding, and instead tip a cap to history.

The “back” tees, called the Morrish tees, salute course designer Jay Morrish, who is also memorialized in a new café inside a vintage railroad car, which is under construction at the turn. The café is expected to open later this summer.

The remaining tees indicate tee to green distance based on the elevation of the mountain peaks in front of them. The Humphreys tees, which correspond with Humphreys Peak – the tallest of Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks at 12,633 feet – are the second set of tees. The next set is the Agassiz tees, linking with Agassiz Peak at 12,356 feet.

Each of the markers is finished with a piece of salvaged railroad metal, which ties into the railcar café and Flagstaff’s origin as a railroad town.

The tee box markers are just one more way the Pine Canyon experience weaves together a story that ultimately ends with an intentional retreat. The markers bring together the past and the present and allow those who are curious to celebrate that journey and gain a better understanding of how Pine Canyon fits into the elevated landscape surrounding it.

Because Pine Canyon is different. And the experiences here should be, too.