Partnership with the Tipler Design Group


Partnership with the Tipler Design Group

Partnership with the Tipler Design Group

Partnership with the Tipler Design Group 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Finishing a home is a very personal experience. There are choices on that journey that are made based on clear, rational function. A faucet. A drawer pull. A vanity.

And then there are those other choices, the ones that are inspired by a feeling.

Floor-to-ceiling, textured window coverings. A backsplash that catches your eye and won’t let go. A light fixture that says everything about you or the space around it or the energy you feel in that room.

At Pine Canyon, we appreciate that important intersection of function and feeling. And we recognized a similar appreciation for that crossroads in Tipler Design, an award-winning Texas-based firm that will soon be making itself at home with us.

As the Tipler Design experts get settled into their new space, located inside our new Coconino Ridge model home, they’ll bring with them all the elements expected to be found in a design center. And, maybe a few things that are a little more unexpected, which is one of the reasons we’re excited to see the collaborations that come from this new partnership.

Tipler Design, which also works with Bluejack National – a private, residential community in Texas with the first Tiger Woods-designed golf course – places a premium on details and exclusivity. Their designers work with homeowners to absorb the vision those owners see for their new space, and then they help bring it to life in whatever way that manifests.

Tipler designers don’t discriminate on style, either. They’re fluent in a number of aesthetics, from modern to luxe to vintage to classic, offering options in opulence and customized minimalism.

To better understand the Tipler philosophy, its design process and relationship with Symmetry Homes, and the feeling the design center evokes, make time this weekend to visit. Pine Canyon is hosting an open house for the new Design Team from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, which will also allow visitors to see the first completed home in the highly-anticipated Coconino Ridge neighborhood.

Like any proper house warming party, this weekend’s event will include music, refreshments, wine, and beer. To RSVP, call 928-779-5700.