Pine Canyon Sales Summary-YTD


Pine Canyon Sales Summary-YTD

Pine Canyon Sales Summary-YTD

Pine Canyon Sales Summary-YTD 1024 492 Pine Canyon

Summer has a way of sneaking up on you. Even as we pack away our Fourth of July decorations, it’s hard to believe that we’ve all of a sudden cruised into the second half of the year.

That fast pace isn’t only reserved for the turning of the calendar. It also extends to real estate activity at Pine Canyon, which is experiencing a boom in sales compared to previous years and compared to its market peers. In fact, Pine Canyon is outpacing Forest Highlands and Flagstaff Ranch on sales price for homesites, on the average price per square foot and on average home price.

The most impressive measure of our successful start to the year, though, is the volume of closed or pending transactions Pine Canyon has seen through the first six months of 2018. At about $39.1 million, Pine Canyon has exceeded the volume it saw for all of 2017 in just the first half of 2018. Pine Canyon’s volume is also nearly double that of Forest Highlands and Flagstaff Ranch, which have seen about $18.07 million and $18.05 million so far this year, respectively.

It’s clear that Pine Canyon is in high demand. Those who already live in Pine Canyon know why, from the community’s family-friendly activities and luxury amenities to its championship golf, its access to hiking and biking paths, and its customized philanthropic and social activities for members. And, when buyers see Pine Canyon’s value by purchasing homes or homesites within the community, Pine Canyon homeowners benefit, too.

While we never want the summer to rush, we are excited by the enthusiasm we’ve seen for Pine Canyon through the first six months of the year, and we look forward to a busy second half to 2018.

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