A Pine Canyon Summer at Snowbowl


A Pine Canyon Summer at Snowbowl

A Pine Canyon Summer at Snowbowl

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Basking in the warm summer sun of northern Arizona, the last thing on anyone’s minds is probably snow. Often this means the wintertime hotspot, Arizona Snowbowl, gets tossed to the wayside. After all, what is Snowbowl without any snow?

But, the fun doesn’t end when the snow melts at the popular skiing and snowboarding destination, located about a half-hour north of Pine Canyon. With scenic chairlifts, mountainside dining and much more, here are five fun reasons to stop by Snowbowl before the end of the summer season.

Scenic Chairlift: What better way to take in the majesty of northern Arizona than with a bird’s eye view on Snowbowl’s scenic chairlift? With sweeping views of Sedona’s red rocks, the cinder cone volcanic field and the walls of the Grand Canyon, the chairlift is a great opportunity for photography, observing wildlife or just enjoying a peaceful ride up the western side of the San Francisco Peaks. It’s open every day through September 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and remains open through mid-October on the weekends.

Ready Rangers: After scaling the San Francisco Peaks’ 11,500-foot summit via chairlift, guests can talk to any of the Forest Service Rangers to learn a little more about the environment they are visiting, and the importance of the San Francisco Volcanic Field.

Disc Golf: This 18-hole disc golf course is a free-to-play experience that has disc golfers finding their way through 1.5 miles of beautiful conifer and aspen forest. Taking about two hours to complete entirely, this experience is perfect for families looking to get out and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Hiking: The San Francisco Peaks are home to some of the most stunning hikes in the state, including a trail that leads to the summit of Humphrey’s Peak at an elevation of 12,633 feet. Even if you aren’t up for the trek up to Humphrey’s, these hiking trails are worth a look.

Mountainside Eats: Eating at Snowbowl isn’t about the incredible eats you’ll get there, but it’s about how you eat them. Arizona Snowbowl’s Agassiz Lodge offers a rustic indoor ambiance and patio seating you can only experience at 9,500 feet. Snapping a dinnertime selfie has never looked better.