Pine Canyon Valentine’s Dinner


Pine Canyon Valentine’s Dinner

Pine Canyon Valentine’s Dinner

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If we’re being honest, Valentine’s Day is really, mostly about the sweets. Stores are flooded with every kind of pink or red candy and just about every type of chocolate indulgence is shaped to make a heart.

That’s why when we dive into the details about our upcoming Valentine’s Day dinner at the Pine Canyon Clubhouse, we’d like to start with dessert first. Because we get cravings just reading about it.

The special menu, curated by Chef David, begins with a campfire favorite with a luxurious twist, as raspberry and chocolate sauces smother fresh baked s’mores. And, for those with a passion for traditional, home-baked love, the menu includes a cast iron chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla gelato. The menu also includes vanilla gelato-topped pineapple upside-down cake, and a flourless chocolate decadence featuring a white chocolate ganache and a strawberry center.

And, when it comes to ice cream and gelato, the menu is deliciously diverse. Options include vanilla, sea salt caramel or chocolate gelato, raspberry sorbet and house-made cherry cheesecake ice cream.

Of course, dessert only comes after dinner. And the special Valentine’s menu is equally as mouth-watering. From the butternut ravioli, complemented by roasted Brussel sprouts, to the sesame seared tuna to the bone-in tenderloin steak (meant for two), options are plentiful. And for those who appreciate game, the menu includes sautéed elk medallions, served with a wild rice-sweet potato cake and a balsamic-berry sauce.

The Valentine’s menu will be offered Friday, Feb. 15 and Saturday, Feb. 16 from 5-8 p.m. To reserve your spot, or to get more information, call 928-779-5800.