Preseason Golf Tips


Preseason Golf Tips

Preseason Golf Tips

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Mother Nature did happen to shine on us during the holidays, offering unseasonably warm weather that allowed for a few precious rounds of golf in December. But, with a fresh dusting of snow this month, it’s back to reality.

It is winter. And if it’s warm, we should consider ourselves lucky. So that generally means that our golf games go into hibernation for a few months, right? Not quite, according to experts.

The Golf Channel actually labels the winter months as the “preseason,” instead of the offseason, offering a new perspective and possibly a new approach for those who are swinging a snow shovel instead of a golf club. So, if you view the winter months as the preseason, you should view the hiatus from the course as a period of preparation.

Jason Sanders, Pine Canyon’s Director of Golf, has a tip for golfers who are counting the days until we see a frost-free course again. Beyond hitting ping pong balls in the family room, and putting in the office, Sanders suggests folding this key activity into your routine to increase your probability of recording more birdies than bogies come spring.

Jason knows that impact and ball-striking are critical for performance on the course. Regardless of the type of swing a golfer has, if he or she is not hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, they’re “leaving distance and accuracy on the table,” Jason said.

If distance and accuracy tend to be a problem, a drill designed to improve centered ball-striking may be beneficial. The exercise uses a trio of balls at once to train a golfer’s swing to come through on the middle ball. Any golfer, from novice to seasoned pro, recognizes the sweet feeling of hitting a shot squarely, and this exercise is designed with that payoff in mind.

Read more about the exercise here. And, if you’re working out other kinks in your game, or need some tips about the course, just ask Jason.