Refuge for the Human Spirit


Refuge for the Human Spirit

Refuge for the Human Spirit

Refuge for the Human Spirit 820 360 Pine Canyon

As we prepare for the pace of our community to shift with the approach of our classically predictable and vibrant summer season, we also recognize that the energy at Pine Canyon throughout the year is a uniquely different one.

Pine Canyon, and the feeling that circulates here, is set apart by design. It represents an intentional retreat from all the things that steal time every other day. While it can be described as an escape, it is actually more aptly a pivot toward seeking a physical and psychological balance.

Put simply, Pine Canyon is a special place where we believe we foster an atmosphere that serves as a refuge for the human spirit.

Geographically, Pine Canyon fits the bill. It’s a retreat from a fast life at a different elevation, where everything other than experiencing inspired moments can generally take priority. At Pine Canyon, those moments move to the front burner.

And, because of its location, the experience at Pine Canyon includes interactions with wildlife, access to mountain and forest trails, and a healthy dose of deep breaths. The air up here, at nearly 7,000 feet, is different in a fresh, crisp, intoxicating way.

Beyond a map, Pine Canyon’s customized recipe for an incredible, high-altitude lifestyle is an extraordinary one. The community mixes equal parts luxury amenities, a commitment to hospitality, and curated programs to infuse a sense of balance, relaxation, and connection.

Pine Canyon’s lifestyle, its landscape, and its latitude create a mix of intangibles in our community that sticks with you and calls you back when you need to get away. It’s the very definition of a refuge, offering a safe place for a soul that needs it.

And one that deserves it.