So, what is “Mountain Living?”


So, what is “Mountain Living?”

So, what is “Mountain Living?”

So, what is “Mountain Living?” 1000 530 Pine Canyon

“Mountain living” is a phrase we use quite a bit at Pine Canyon. While its meaning is somewhat subjective, its setting is not.

By its most literal definition, “mountain living” references a location. At Pine Canyon, that means homes are being built at about 7,000 feet, with the seasonally-snowcapped San Francisco Peaks as a backdrop. It also means that our community lies beneath towering canopies of Ponderosa pines, stalks of trees spread throughout the Flagstaff area and protected within the neighboring Coconino National Forest.

But “mountain living” has a feel, too. It feels like a getaway, for a weekend, or longer. The phrase inspires a scene that is different than the 9-to-5 life that soaks up every weekday. “Mountain living” is a trade. It swaps rush hour and carpools for wildlife, shade, nature and winding, two-lane roads. And, in Arizona, “mountain living” means elevation and seasons and a colorful landscape that includes pines, aspens, wildflowers and lush fields of green grass, all of which is a stark contrast to the desert palette we ordinarily see.

When it comes to visuals, “mountain living” can also be subjective. Luxury cabins built in a traditional mountain architecture style generally incorporate natural stone and wood, pulling from the surrounding aesthetics to create a harmonious look. Modern mountain architecture finds inspiration in the function of the environment, utilizing steel, glass, and non-traditional lines as a means of drawing the outside in and vice versa. Regardless of the style, “mountain living” is complementary to the natural landscape.

And for most, “mountain living” means a slower pace. People exercise their opportunity to relax in different ways, be it a book and a cup of coffee on the deck, a rugged mountain bike ride across rolling hills, or a date with a crackling fire. Relaxation could mean a round of golf, an inspired yoga session or simply sleeping in. Regardless of the activity, or non-activity, “mountain living” sets the stage.

“Mountain living” is that chameleon phrase, the one that’s hard to define but easy to feel. And at Pine Canyon, the vibe is in ample supply.