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There is a certain tranquility found in being alone. Not being alone in a city apartment or alone in the office or alone on a city street.

But alone outdoors, knowing you are the one person experiencing that moment in that place at that time. By being away, just enough, Pine Canyon offers that intriguing proposition. Because up here, we’ve been social distancing for years.

Pine Canyon, a two-hour drive from Phoenix, feels a world away. With the state’s seasonally snow-covered highest peak as a backdrop, Pine Canyon is set among a protected Ponderosa pine forest and adjacent to Flagstaff’s urban trail system.

It’s a special place, where “get lost” isn’t an insult – it’s an invitation.

At Pine Canyon, elbow room isn’t a problem. Our community averages about three acres per person, but that’s nothing compared to the Coconino National Forest, which grows around us and encompasses nearly 2 million acres.

That’s millions of acres to lose close quarters, cabin fever and boredom, and find space in winding trails, flowing creeks and fishing holes. It’s a place to let go of meeting invites, deadlines and social obligations and trade them in for discovery – finding what you’re capable of, exploring paths you haven’t, and realizing solitude isn’t as horrible as it sounds.

And there are plenty of places to find that solitude, away from crowds headed to spots that have gained popular notoriety. Within our community alone, there are countless pockets for peaceful walks, head-clearing jogs or balancing yoga sessions. Beyond our streets, options are endless.

While a mandate for everyone to practice social distancing won’t always be necessary, the need for it, on a personal level, might. And Pine Canyon will continue to be a haven for those who appreciate its mental benefits.

We invite you to get lost, too. To find distance yourself, click here and learn more about our community.