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Summer Wines

Summer Wines

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Summer in Flagstaff is about sunny days, a light breeze, perfect evenings and the occasional, welcome thunderstorm. And pretty much every scenario could be amplified by a glorious glass of wine.

From gatherings with girlfriends to grilling out with family to a celebratory weekend brunch, wine is a go-to sidekick. And luckily, there is no shortage of opinions when it comes to vino. Forbes, Food and Wine, Refinery29 and Total Wine, among others, offer a number of suggestions for summer wines.

We’ve gathered a few for easy reference.

Rosé: Refinery29 spotlights Fleur de Mer, a rosé from Saint-Tropez that combines watermelon, cherry, citrus, and lavender. Total Wine prefers Olema Rose Cotes De Provence, a French wine made by a Sonoma winemaker. Regardless of the choice, experts discourage the prevailing thought that rosé is reserved only for warmer months. Rosé is, in fact, versatile, and shouldn’t hibernate.

Whites: There is more to white wine than Chardonnay, and expert lists reflect that.  From a Cottesbrook Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which is recommended for pairing with salad, chicken or seafood, to a Brethren of the Road Riesling, which is noted for its pear, peach, citrus, white flower and pink grapefruit aromas, those in the know encourage exploration. An Albariño and a vibrant Pinot Grigio also come recommended.

Reds: Reds don’t need to be banished in the summer months, but experts suggest certain styles for warmer weather, including Total Wine’s suggestion of D’Autrefois Reserve Pinot Noir or an Oak Ridge Zinfandel, which pairs well with the robust flavors that come with barbeque and grilling. Food and Wine loves the Santa Julia Tintillo Malbec in part because it was made to be served chilled instead of at room temperature, like most reds.

Bubbly: It never hurts to add a little sparkle to your day, which is why sparkling wine is so popular during the summer months. Total Wine loves the Rondel GOLD Brut Cava, which comes appropriately in a gold bottle, while Refinery29 is a fan of J Cuvée 20 Brut NV, which is a slightly higher price point and may be reserved for more special occasions.

And, if after reviewing expert selections you’re still in need of additional guidance, remember that Pine Canyon’s on-site beverage managers are always ready to talk wine.