We All Scream For….Wine!


We All Scream For….Wine!

We All Scream For….Wine!

We All Scream For….Wine! 605 454 Pine Canyon

As a kid, there was no greater sound than the tinny music that echoed through your cul-de-sac signaling the arrival of the ice cream truck. You’d dash around the house, searching for a dollar or something close to it, and hope it was enough to buy a frosty treat. And, then hope you found it and reached the curb before the truck left your neighborhood.

The Sorso Wine Wagon is a grown-up version of that vivid, childhood memory. With a few exceptions.

To celebrate summer, we’ve arranged for the Sorso Wine Wagon to make a handful of visits to Pine Canyon through Labor Day, including an appearance at the Concert in the Park on Aug. 12. Beyond offering a variety of wine from the wagon, each stop will also include a selection of appetizers and other spirits.

So, mark your calendars to take part in a pop-up happy hour that allows members to socialize with neighbors, learn about upcoming construction activities and indulge in a new pinot.

Upcoming dates include:

June 24, 4-6 p.m. at 1905 E. LaCantera Court. Please RSVP for the stop at this custom home site by June 21.

July 1, 4-6 p.m. at the Sales Office. Please RSVP for the stop that is part of our Fourth of July festivities by June 28.

Look for announcements about additional Sorso Wine Wagon stops on July 21, Aug. 4 and over Labor Day weekend in the coming weeks