Wildlife at Pine Canyon


Wildlife at Pine Canyon

Wildlife at Pine Canyon

Wildlife at Pine Canyon 1024 683 Pine Canyon

Pine Canyon has the good fortune of being situated directly adjacent to the sprawling Coconino National Forest, a protected wilderness area that spans 1.8 million acres.  Populated predominantly by ponderosa pines, the Coconino National Forest is also a haven for wildlife. And, when we’re lucky, they wander out for a visit.

It isn’t uncommon to see herds of elk, for example, taking advantage of quiet mornings on the golf course as you sip your morning coffee. They may graze, relax or watch their calves play with each other, as we saw recently. We also get periodic visits from mule deer in the area, which also enjoy similar moments on an empty course.

To say the least, it’s a nice wake-up call.

Flagstaff is also known to be home to the occasional wandering black bear, badgers, coyotes and mountain lions, but they keep to the backcountry, for the most part.

The residents of Pine Canyon aren’t the only ones who appreciate the area’s blue skies and clean air. Birds are big fans, too. Bald eagles frequent the area, and sometimes nest at Mormon Lake, while Pine Canyon is home to an osprey nest right on the golf course, set atop a towering Ponderosa Pine tree on 14th & 18th Fairways. Wild turkeys, peregrine falcons, and Mexican spotted owls are also common in the Flagstaff area.

And, who could forget the Rainbow Trout in Trout Creek Pond?

The wildlife, we suppose, is one more reminder that when you’re at Pine Canyon, you’re away. So, have your camera ready.


Photos by Joanne Caruth https://joannecaruth.smugmug.com/